Klitzkie Family Uno

  1. Introduction
  2. A time-honored tradition started 10 years ago in Whitewater, a small town in southeastern Wisconsin. Each Christmas, the family would gather and celebrate the season. After the holiday meal and gift giving, the parents would go into another room and play "Hearts." We, the kids, needed to entertain ourselves.

    Grandma & Grandpa handed us a deck of Uno cards one year. The rest is history!


  3. Equipment
  4. Minimum two (2) Uno decks as produced by Mattel. Preferred supplier: ShopKo

    A four (4)-wheeled vehicle resembling a truck or tractor with storage available

    for the "drawpile."

    A driver for the vehicle such as a Big Bird replica or other such action figure.

  5. Set-up
  6. The dealer distributes seven (7) cards to each player. Deal in a clockwise motion, one card at a time. Place left over cards into the transportation vehicle. Move the car-loaded vehicle one person to the left. Remove the top card and begin play per normal Uno rules.

  7. Vehicle Considerations
  8. The vehicle does not have a reverse gear. Any vehicle movement must proceed forward. Failure to recognize this rule could result in serious bodily harm and requires the perpetrator to draw a one (1) card penalty. As per normal vehicles, a player may not pick-up the vehicle off the ground. Again, any violation results in a one (1) card penalty. Finally, defensive driving becomes key. A moving violation such as crashes, flip-overs and spills can result in serious consequences. Any cards spilled out of cargo will go immediately into the hand of the careless individual.

  9. Alternate Card Meanings
    1. Players have the ability to add and subtract cards within the same color to
    2. equal the number laying on-top of the playing pile (ie: red three on pile;

      possible combo: "red one plus red two"

    3. Red and yellow SKIPS will skip all players and return play to the person
    4. who laid the card.

    5. Red and yellow REVERSES mandate a passing of the players cards one
    6. person to the left.

    7. DRAW TWO and DRAW FOUR cards can accumulate. Once a player

can no longer place one of these cards upon the play pile, he/she must

draw the accumulated amount from the draw pile.

  1. Items That Go Without Saying
    1. Table talk and cheating encouraged.
    2. Family game: no tolerance for dirty minds. Penalty = 1 card
    3. Placing an identical card on top of another results in a "TWIN."
    4. Penalty = 1 card

    5. If the players know the UNO card held by the player, he/she must wear the
    6. card upon his/her forehead.

    7. Do not allow a significant other (non-family member) to win the game.

History has shown this action to become an omen for rocky roads ahead.


Useless Trivia

PLAYING THEIR CARDS RIGHT UNO is sold in 24 countries and instructions are printed in 16 languages; it is the number one selling card game in Japan. The world record for playing UNO is held in Forssa, Finland. The game was played or

144 hours (six consecutive days). The previous record, 132 hours, was set in Munich, Germany. (Mattel Games and Puzzles)