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                      Most of the links on this page deal with Canine epilepsy.

If your dog ever has that first seizure you will  swear s/he is going to die.  It will seem like at least 30 minutes and in reality it may have been 5 minutes.  There will be that emergency call to the Vet. Hopefully some of the following links and resources will help you to understand and cope better with canine epilepsy.

Alt Vet Med.--- Complementary & Alternative Vet Medicine
Canine epilepsy

Canine Epilepsy Resource Center

Causes of seizures in dogs

Colorado State University ---Veterinary Teaching Hospital

Cyber Pet

Mailing List for K-9 Epilepsy

Memorial Page

Neurology Service Pages University of Florida V.M.T.H.

Podell, Michael Dr.---Ohio State University

Poodle Page

Seizure survey in Dalmatians---taken by Dal club but would think holds true for most.

Seizures in dogs

Seizures in dogs---Podell

Texas A&M Clinical Pharmacology Laboratory:

University of California, Davis - Vet School

Personal home pages with epilepsy, or canine links


Emma's Pages

GI Joe

Korie's Pages

German site with many english links



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