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A Look at some Very Nice Collections
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My Gibson Flying V Collection   (updated 1-28-07)
My Gibson Flying V Collection

My Brother Bill's collection 
Bill's collection

My cousin Jeff's V collection 
Jeff's V collection

Lisec's Gibson Flying V Collection 
Lisec Collection

Rick Passiatore's Gibson Flying V Collection 
Rick's Collection

Steve Julius's Flying V Collection  Steve J's V's
steVe's Band >

Roger Bleck's Flying V Collection
(new 2-3-07)  Roger's myspace
Roger's Flying V's

David's Collection 
David's Gear

Brian's Collection
Brian's Collection

Chris' V2 Collection 

Chris' V2 Collection

Yukio's Flying V Collection   

Yukio's Flying V's

Miroslav's Flying V collection 

Miroslav's Collection

Tom Byrne's Gibson Flying V and SG Collection 

Tom B's Collection

Jun's Flying V Collection 

Jun's Collection

Nicolas's Collection 

Nicolas's V Collection

Benny's Flying V Collection 
Benny's V's

Sebastian's Collection  (new11-5-06)
Sebastian's Collection

Steve's Collection 
Steve's Collection

Marc's Flying V collection  **Yes 28 of them**
Marc's Collection  Marc's Great V site > Marc's V page

Dave Thompson's collection (cheers bud) 
Dave's Collection

Jeff S's Sweet Dean Collection 
Jeff's Dean Guitar Collection

Smolen's Flying V collection
Smolen's V's

Rudolf Schenker's collection
Rudy's Collection

Paul Gagne's Flying V Collection
Paul's V's 

Suziki's Flying V Collection 
Suzuki's Flying V's

Richards Gibson Flying V Collection
Richard's V's

Keisuke Suzuki's Flying V Collection 
Keisuke Suzuki's Flying V Collection

Jef T's Collection  
Jef T's Collection

Pete Noon's Flying V's 
Pete's Flying V's

Tina's Collection 

Tina's Collection

Dean's Collection  (updated 10-10-06)
Dean's Medallion Collection
Dean's Collection + site

Tommy's Collection
Tommy's V's

Brian West's Gibson Flying V collection 
Brian's V's

Georg's collection and site 

Georg's V's